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Welcome to the University of Newcastle Law Students’ Association (UNLSA) Sponsorship Portfolio! Our portfolio ensures that Newcastle Law School students have the best prospects of employment when they complete their undergraduate studies at Law School. The role that our portfolio plays within the UNLSA is invaluable to our members, as we provide students with that first glimpse into the Australian legal profession. As representatives of Newcastle Law School, this portfolio is essential to maintaining the UNLSA’s reputation with employers from local boutique firms that practice in specific areas of law to multinational law firms and corporations that have employed some of Newcastle’s most successful law students.


This portfolio consists of four key players that will be your ticket to access some of the opportunities that these firms have to offer. Our Directors of Careers work tirelessly to ensure that UNLSA members can make that all-important first connection with the legal profession. They will be responsible for coordinating everything you need to know about clerkships and graduate positions and give you all tips and tricks to help you nail everything from that all-important first interview all the way through to how to impress your employer at a cocktail party.


The portfolio’s Director of Local Sponsorship host local events and helps you to forge relationships with local practitioners so you can secure that ever-important first job. Finally, Vice President (Sponsorship),  is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the portfolio and will be your point of contact should you wish to pursue a sponsorship opportunity with the UNLSA. 


The Sponsorship Portfolio is excited to be working with students and the legal profession throughout the year and we can’t wait for you to be involved in some of the exciting events that we have planned.


2023 Graduate Guide

This guide contains all the information to get you sorted for graduate job application season. The guide covers a broad range of topics, such as where to find graduate jobs (including opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students), cover letter and curriculum vitae scaffolds and tips from past UNLSA graduates.

2023 Clerkship Guide

The 2023 Clerkship Guide is a crucial UNLSA publication for penultimate-year students in the current job climate. This publication gives students valuable insight into the clerkship application and recruitment process. Inside you'll find firm branding, graduate testimonials, interview tips and tricks, and plenty more!

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2023 Semester 1 
Alumni Newsletter

Even though you've finished university, there are still plenty of ways to connect with the UNLSA. The Alumni Newsletter keeps past students of the University of Newcastle informed about what the UNLSA is up to. This first edition introduces all the Vice Presidents and Directors to our alumni.

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