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2021 Youth National Security Strategy

Dear Law Students Association at UoN,

We are writing to inform you about an exciting, fully funded opportunity for your students.

In December 2021, forty-two Australian young leaders will co-author a policy paper addressing our nation’s next set of strategic challenges. This ANU-backed initiative—the Youth National Security Strategy—will showcase the next generation’s fresh perspectives on issues such as supply chain security, economic coercion, climate change, and disinformation.

Yet the YNSS entails more than a document; the focal point of the initiative is a week-long symposium, held at ANU in early December. The symposium will allow the strategy’s nationally sourced co-authors to test their ideas and build relationships with academics, industry figures, and policymakers in the national security space. Sponsors include the ANU’s Crawford School of Public Policy, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, College of Law, and College of Arts and Social Science.

Applications have now opened until June 30 midnight, and we hope to see your students selected to participate in this nationally significant, public debate-shaping initiative, found at .

Participants will come out of the experience with sharper skills and ideas, co-authorship credits on the published strategy document, and expanded peer and professional networks. They will have made an invaluable contribution to public debate, returning home with an enlivened passion to make a long-term contribution to Australia’s national security.

We hope to highlight the need for interdisciplinary solutions to these wicked problems, and are actively seeking applications from students of all disciplines. For this reason, we would particularly invite students of all academic backgrounds to apply. Furthermore, our commitment to fully fund the travel and attendance of all successful candidates makes this opportunity genuinely accessible for your members.

Given the significant benefits that this opportunity would bring to participating students, we would kindly request that you help us share this opportunity as widely as possible among interested students.

In line with our mission to make the national security community more diverse, we would also ask that you particularly promulgate this opportunity among bright students who might not otherwise think of national security as a space that includes them, be that due to their personal or disciplinary background.

You can learn more about the initiative at our website: Our website also contains details on how to apply, so please be sure to share our website’s details as part of any communication to students who may be interested in applying.

Finally, please let us know if there is any further documentation, information, or drafted text that we can provide to make the sharing of our initiative as easy as possible for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any thoughts or questions, or just feel like saying hello!

Yours faithfully, Directors of the Youth National Security Strategy

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