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Social Events

The Events Team is made up of the Vice President of Events, the Director of Social Events, the Director of Sport and Recreation and the Law Revue Convenor. We are dedicated to planning and executing social, recreational, creative and charitable events for the students of the University of Newcastle and the broader Newcastle community. 


As the Vice President of Events, Bianca Necovski is responsible for overseeing and assisting the Events Directors while planning large events such as Law Ball, Charity Trivia and Valedictory Dinner. With extensive planning experience, Bianca looks forward to bringing extravagant themes to life so that we may come together in remarkable settings to socialise and network. 


The Director of Social Events, Brittany Broadhurst is responsible for organising the 2022 social get-togethers we have all been looking forward to since the beginning of the pandemic year. With student welfare as the focus, Bianca is dedicated to executing systems that ensure a safe and enjoyable social environment. 


The Director of Sport and Recreation, Zachary Norgard is dedicated to raising the UNLSA's sporting portfolio and promoting health and well-being amongst University students. With Zac's strong sense of team spirit and extensive sporting experience, the UNLSA is promised enthusiastic sporting events including the Interfaculty Day, the Law v Med Rugby Day and semester social sport. 


Although we were unable to execute Law Revue last year, it has previously been a fantastic event which runs over several evenings at the Civic Theatre. It is the perfect space that encourages team building, friendship and delves into the creative arts. It gives students the opportunity to sing, dance and act all while spending time with friends and forming new relationships. With the help of Lauren Devine, our 2022 Law Revue Convenor, we can't wait to present Law Revue this year. 


As a team, we look forward to filling up your social calendars and making 2022 a memorable year of return. 

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