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The Education Portfolio consists of the Vice-President, LLB, JD, Indigenous and International Student Representatives alongside the Director of Social Justice. Their collective aim is to organise activities to promote awareness of educational issues among UNLSA members and represent the Association’s educational interests to the Newcastle Law School and various other bodies. 


The various student representatives actively seek the opinions and concerns from students in their relevant degree programs in relation to issues affecting those students. They aim to effectively manage a student representative sub-committee, made up of students from each degree program and year group. By doing so, they seek avenues from both on-campus and external sources for student support and providing such information to students through advice or public articles. 


The Director of Social Justice actively represents the equity, diversity and social justice interests of members to the UNLSA Committee as well as to the University, government, business and community. To do this, they co-ordinate the relationship of the UNLSA with external legal support groups and provide support and assistance to members who are under-represented in the legal community or face hinderance to their studies. 


Overarchingly, as a holistic Education Portfolio, they aim to create an approachable and visible point of contact to encourage change, bettering educational facets of the University of Newcastle Law School overtime. 

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