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The Competitions portfolio is comprised of the Vice President (Competitions), the Directors of Competitions (Advocacy), the Directors of Competitions (Skills) and the Director of Competitions (Intervarsity). 


As Vice President (Competitions), Sarah is responsible for overseeing the operation of the UNLSA's internal competitions, and liaising with the Law School and other Universities for the planning and preparation of Intervarsity Competitions.


The Directors of Competitions (Skills) are responsible for the planning and operation of the Paper Presentation, Negotiation and Client Interviewing competitions in Semesters 1 and 2 respectively. As Directors of Competitions (Advocacy), Shania and Sophia undertake the planning for the Senior Mooting and Witness Examination competition (semester 1) and Junior Mooting Competition (semester 2).  


The Director of Competitions (Intervarsity), Amelia Rebellato is responsible for selecting and assisting teams to compete in numerous Intervarsity Competitions, as well as communicating with the Law School and other universities across the globe to get the best experience possible for Newcastle University students. 


The Competitions portfolio have created the Competitions guidebook, which contains valuable information, tips, and rules for the UNLSA competitions. Competitions are a great, pressure-free way to learn valuable tips and tricks about the practical side of the law, before you have to step out into the real world! 

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