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Ashutosh Chugh

Vice President: Events

Hey Gang!

I am Ash, your VP (Events) for this year! Part of my role is to organise the most exciting and fun events of the year, which include the Law Ball, Valedictorian Dinner, and Charity Trivia Night.


This year I look forward to organising the best events for everyone alongside my fantastic committee members and making sure everyone lives it up! I can't wait to see your friendly faces throughout the year. If you see me around do not hesitate to pop up and say hi!! If you have any suggestions, queries, concerns, or feedback please feel free to contact me via email at

My Story

I am Ash, your VP (Events) for this year! I am currently in my third year of the Business / Law program and second year at the UNLSA. I am a passionate horse rider, paralegal, and bartender on the weekends.

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