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Julia Kowald

Director of Sport & Recreation

Hi all, my name is Julia and I am currently in my fifth and final year of a Bachelor of Laws and Diploma of Legal Practice. After participating in various activities throughout my first few years at UoN, I am excited to play a more active role in the UNLSA and connecting with more law students.

My Story

I am responsible for the organisation of the UNLSA teams for the UoN social sport and any interfaculty sporting events including the annual Med v Law Rugby game. I love the positive effect that playing social sports can have on your overall health and the way it can bring people together. I also know first hand the importance of making friends throughout your university journey to support your studies and ongoing wellbeing, and I’m looking forward to organising events to bring people together.

If you have any queries please feel free to email me or have a chat if you see me around.

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