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Isabella Clapham

Director of Competitions: Advocacy 

Hi everyone! We are Isabella and Alexander, and are the 2023 Director of Competitions for Advocacy. We look forward to meeting you all and working with you throughout the competition's journey. We’re second year law students and strongly believe in the role the UNLSA plays in providing opportunities for the law school at UON.  

We became friends through mooting in our first year and we want to give others the opportunity to have this experience and make new friendships too. Therefore, we have many fun events planned for throughout the year. We have highly valued the experiences and knowledge we have gained through the UNLSA competitions and are happy to welcome you to an exciting 2023. We can’t wait to share our passion and knowledge with everyone, don’t hesitate to contact us!

My Story

I have very much enjoyed my first year of Law school. The UNLSA events and competitions allowed me to meet new people and gain a range of knowledge. Therefore, I wanted to get involved with the UNLSA to run these amazing events and competitions in the hope that others can share these same experiences. I am dedicated and enthusiastic to create opportunities for everyone to get involved with the UNLSA. 


I am originally from Tamworth, and I want to help regional and rural students who have moved to Newcastle to settle in. Competitions will allow you to find your place in a new community and make new connections.


Last year I received the Sir Adrian Solomons Law Bursary. This has given me the opportunity to complete work experience at Everingham Solomons in Tamworth. Allowed me to gain practical skills, which I want to share with new students. 


I urge you all to get involved in the competitions, as it is beneficial to your studies and future career. 

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