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Lucas Dowling


Hi everyone!

My name is Lucas Dowling, I’m a fifth-year Bachelor of Laws / Diploma of Legal Practice student, and the President of the UNLSA for 2023.

The role of President involves leading the Association, including developing the strategy of the Association for 2023, coordinating and providing support to each Vice President and their portfolios, and representing the Association and Newcastle law students at all levels! In 2023, our focus is on further developing the sense of community in the law student cohorts, increasing our level of engagement across all our events, and bringing our governance up to best practice.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!

My Story

Prior to 2023, I served as the Vice President (Education) of the UNLSA, where we introduced Law School Essentials Sessions as a cornerstone of the portfolio. These Law School Essentials Sessions focused on skills such as AGLC 4 referencing, mooting, and case summaries. In addition, we intended to host the first Women in Law Week, though unforeseen circumstances prevented us from doing so, I look forward to seeing this occur in Week 3 of Semester 1, 2023!


Outside of the UNLSA, I have been very lucky to have been elected to the University Council of the University of Newcastle for three terms between 2021-2024. This position has been an excellent opportunity to advocate for students and work collaboratively with other members of the University Council in the best interests of students and the broader University. In particular, this experience continues to provide me with an fantastic opportunity to see how leaders within numerous industries work collaboratively at the highest level of governance in the University, and do so in this governance framework.


In addition, in 2020 I had the pleasure of establishing the University of Newcastle Poker Club and remaining as its President until the end of 2022. This experience taught me a lot about engaging students and providing fun and interesting events, particularly on a budget. Being President of the Poker Club showed me that the secret to any club’s success is the culture it establishes, and I look forward to utilising this lesson in 2023.


Outside of student clubs and representation, I work in the University’s AskUON Team to provide assistance to students over both phones and emails. I enjoy the role for its ability to connect directly with students and learn and assist students with many questions surrounding the University.


Post-University I hope to continue my passion equality of opportunity for people in rural and regional areas. In particular, I hope to enter postgraduate study to research access to legal services in rural and regional areas, as well as understanding if there are particular methods of alternative sentencing and diversionary programs which are more successful in rural and regional areas in comparison to metropolitan areas. Outside of University entirely, I’m a highly amateur painter and food lover. If you ever have any food suggestions, please let me know!


If you ever have any questions or suggestions regarding the UNLSA, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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